Feed Fish with Minimal Feed Separation


Flexible Feeding to Save Time & Money


Feeding Systems with Optional Automatic or Manual Release


Well-Fed Birds with Less Management Time & Labor

Why Choose Cablevey?

Though Cablevey Ag delivers and installs products all over the world, our systems are made in the U.S.A., utilizing higher quality materials than many of our competitors.

From your initial order to the final delivery of your system, you’ll be treated to top-notch customer service with a fast response time from knowledgeable professionals. We take pride in going the extra mile to give you what you need.

Difference in Delivery

Cablevey’s feeding systems are set apart from the rest because of the way we engineer our products. Unlike augers, buckets, and chain conveyors, our feed conveyors operate very gently, maintaining the integrity of the feed blend you’ve chosen for your animals. 

You’ll be preserving the quality of the feed your livestock nutritionist created and investing in equipment that will keep your operation running smoothly for years to come.

feeding systems for many industries 

Swine feeding SYSTEM

We have feeding systems with optional automatic or manual release for any size farrowing or gestation operation.  LEARN MORE >>


Minimize feed separation on your fish farming operation with a customized feeding system from Cablevey.  LEARN MORE >>


Our flexible feeding systems will provide your dairy operation with a system that will save you both time and money.   LEARN MORE >>


Feed your broilers, breeders, and pullets with a system designed to minimize losses and management time.    LEARN MORE >>

Decades of Global Experience

Livestock Fed

Countries Served

Years in Business


Cablevey Ag began as a sector of the company Intraco, Inc. when Intraco picked up on a growing need for efficient feeding systems in the agriculture industry. In Ontario, Canada in 1974, the first Cablevey feeding system was installed. Later that year, Cablevey did extensive research and marketing for their feeding systems, resulting in shipments to Canada, Australia, and England. Since then, Cablevey systems have been installed in 49 states and 65 countries. The component parts of Cablevey’s systems are fabricated by suppliers located throughout the Midwest United States.

Get the simplicity, efficiency, and durability that Cablevey provides.