dairy Feeding Systems

Avoid the “scoop and guess” method when feeding your dairy cows and install a Cablevey feeding system that will take the guesswork out of feed management! Our systems are tailor-made for your operation with the option to automatically deliver feed to your cows several times per day. Frequent feedings to dairy cows are associated with increased appetite in the beginning of lactation, which will produce more milk.

Contact our professionals and let us know about your specific dairy facility’s needs; we’ll tailor a feeding system that will work best for you and your animals. After design, our experienced professionals will visit your operation for installation and make sure everything is running smoothly before we leave.


Low energy requirements: Only one power unit with a motor needed
Automatic feedings several times daily
Savings from less time and money spent on labor
90-degree turns
Dairy Overview
Dairy Overview
  • 90 Degree Mechanical Corner

    Provides versatility and flexibility in designing your feed delivery system. Corners offer capability of making a complete return with as little as 24” between down and black lines.

  • 1-6lb. AccuDial Feed Drop

    Deposit feed where you want it! Various sizes of economical weigh drops or volumetric drips are available to accurately meter your feeding requirements.

  • Compact Drive Unit

    Pulls the cable and discs through the tube to transport feed. A single 1 HP unit can pull up to a 1000’ circuit with as many as eight corners, eliminating costly power heads. Incorporates an automatic take-up to adjust cable tension and a safety cut-off switch to avoid damage to the feeder.

Get the simplicity, efficiency, and durability that Cablevey provides.