Our Process

Friendly Faces

Many of our first communications with our clients happens at a trade show where Cablevey Feeding Systems is hosting a booth. Our friendly staff love to make connections at trade shows because it gives us more insight into who you are. Our trade show booths also give you an opportunity to see our equipment on display and ask us any questions you have about how our feeding systems work! We can show you the best parts and equipment to use in your industry, from poultry farming to aquaculture operations.

Diligent Follow-up

After you’ve seen us and our equipment in person, our salespeople and customer service personnel will reach out to you on the phone or in person to get the specifics of what you need and expect from your feeding system. All of our systems are made in the U.S.A. and personalized to different sizes and types of feeding operations, so you’ll receive exactly what you need. We will stay in close contact throughout your project to ensure you’re happy with our work.

Face Time in the Field

After your feeding system is designed and built to perfection, we will ship your system to you. Our service crew is available to visit your site and supervise the installation of your new system. We have systems installed throughout the U.S., in The Netherlands, China, and beyond! Our team excels in building and designing your systems efficiently and accurately, and we’re happy to address any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Annual Follow-up

A year after your feeding system is installed, we’d like to visit your operation to assess what’s going well and see how we can be of assistance to you! This visit is a chance for you to tell us how your process has gone during your first year with a Cablevey Feeding System so that we can improve and give you any maintenance or follow-up service you need. We’re always glad to listen to your feedback and use it to improve our process.

Get the simplicity, efficiency, and durability that Cablevey provides.